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Hero Magnetic Door Holder/Catcher goal was to manufacture high quality door catcher/holder at a reasonable price that an middle class Indian family could afford right from the origin. To achieve his goal, Mr. Haresh besieged himself with the best craftsmen and instilled in them a sense of pride in building high quality into every piece of Hero Door Catcher/holder.

The mission at Hero (Magnetic Door Holder/Catcher) is to offer the designer magnetic door catcher/holder and to support it with excellent, long lasting quality and service. As per Hero hard work and commitment towards making its product highly efficient and long lasting, we proved to be the best company for Magnetic Door Holder/Catcher in this competitive market.

Henzer India plays an important role in the magnetic industry in India since 1992. And since 1996 in manufacturing of magnetic door holders and magnetic door catcher field, all works are handled by Mr. Haresh Patel, who is a very good industrialist having a great specialization and experience in manufacturing works.

We are having specialization in manufacturing of different types of magnetic door catcher. All of our magnetic products like door holder and door catcher are manufactured based on quality standards. Therefore, we exceed our competitors in the stability of quality and transcendence of property. And in order to ensure the best quality, we established R&D Center and Quality Control Center for solving the problems that occur in production and Quality. Our magnetic products are exported to Asia & many other countries and have been put into a wide application in the Different fields.

We organize production and delivery of international business. Hero India success history is going on with numerous new developments, and many new magnetic products and applications have been launched into the market. We provide a Good Customer Support and considering it as important factor of Henzer success. We are providing Support to customers through Phone & On-Site Customer Service.

Depending on advanced technology and knight service, we establish a good and diligent team and keep good business relationship with a large amount of clients in global market. In addition to control of cost and quality, our specified lead-time, variety of designs, capability of product development and flexibility of service bring convenience and value added services to the clients. We are disposed to provide the best products & services to our clients at sensible price. Our long-term target is to build up a excellent name of international manufacture and export company and develop expand our business into a global, creative and bright company. We are sincerely working on recruiting young & experienced professionals all over the world to establish our business and to maintain good relationship with our customers.

The company has philosophy of “Quality First Adhering to the mission statement” “A continues quest for quality in everything we do”. We manufacture various products in decorative furniture H/W Fitting & Specialize in manufacture of high quality Door Holder & Door Catcher. The production is fast, accurate and always on time from the very first day as we understand the value of your time and hence delivers on time.

Hero Plastic Industries is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and the manufacturing sector in India has lately proved its product, of being the most competitive globally in terms of cost and quality in a number of sectors. Henzer international is a manufacturing company with design orientation.

How we develop exclusive Door Catchers and Door Holders?
To fulfill customer’s bulk requirements, we also have a sound infrastructure consisting of a well-equipped production house with state-of-the-art machines and tool room though a significant emphasis is laid upon the craftsmanship and handwork. This helps us in offering you quality goods at competitive prices and on time. In addition, our workers are very experienced, motivated and are capable of producing complex and beautiful products as per your requirements.

Today, Henzer India is occupying a leading rank in magnetic industry for all varieties of magnetic door holders and magnetic door catcher.

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