Manufacturing & Exports

Magnetic Door Catchers and Door Holders Manufacturer

We are manufacturing door catcher & holder. This Magnetic Door Holder/Catcher is a new name of style, design and modern trend. We manufactur four brands 1. HERO 2. HENZER 3. HOZONE 4. HOLVO. the main part of this Door Catcher/Holders collection is its well mannerd crafted and shaped curves of our products which gives it to uniqueness in market. also it have a wide range of colors and quality which definitely win your heart and suit your taste and give you full satisfaction

"Our main moto is to protect our environment and take care of it". with this Henzer is advance in its all department including production, testing etc.. we are using modern technology and equipment to meet Quality target of our customer and we are continiously updating our Quality and managment.

We not only manufacture our products but also export it due to the ever increasing demand of the customers. We export our products to various parts of the world. Our prime aim has always been the satisfaction of customer and we always strive our hard to improvise our products to have a leading position in the global market.

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